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E N E R G E T I C   D E V I A T I O N   SYSTEM  OF               ELECTROMAGNETIC   S P E C T R U M                  (STEALTH  Technology)


Autonomous energy Appliance of small volume, relatively small cost of growth. It energetically functions, creating round the to dissimulation objective field of electromagnetic waves which functioning as palpitating shield diverts the radiating beams of locators of - appliances that detect frequencies, as are the known  RADAR, radio direction finders, radiotracers of metals, satellite systems of emission of radiowaves etc the appliance aim at the faculty create big and continuous divergences in the above radiation that try detect and locate, prohibiting in the practice the localisation of objective.

See Video (wmv): stealth2  (WHITEOUT THIS TECH USE)

 It is substantially technology  STEALTH that functions however energetically and is not supported in the absorbent or reflective attributes of materials with which covered the objective.

 The system can function in multiple roles, involving him expected results under, above or  in the ground, in the surface of sea, above or under this.  It creates erroneous clue in the bodies of detectors, creating divergence in the emitted electromagnetic spectrum of detection right or left the real objective.

Creating round the desirable for dissimulation objective field of electromagnetic waves which palpitates continuously, diverting continuously in the unit of time the fallen radiation of locators and creating in the screens of locators many asymmetrically idols - objectives, that in the practice will blink continuously in not real places, render the real  objective not determinable and  substantially invisible.    

Practically the appliance inactivate all RADAR systems but also all the aggressive systems that are drawn with this base technology. So will not be possible the offence of objective that is protected energetically from the appliance (land, air or on sea found, constant or I moved) from rocket the system of control which it functions by RADAR tech.

Substantially the use of appliance reverses up to today technology of targeting of total directed by  RADAR or generally radiating sources of energy, missiles or other directed with anyone way arming or not system.

PATENT  Publication number: GR20040100475  Publication date: 2004-12-8 

Classification:- international: -IPC8-GO1S   7/38
Data supplied from the www.obi.gr                      



>> More information         See Video (wmv): stealth  (USE OF THIS TECH)
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